Uni Campus

May 4, 2008

So, this entry is supposed to be about the uni campus. It’s fully equipped with a campus bus, lots of water in form of small stream running through campus, or even large ponds – yielding a cool and relaxing atmosphere. For external resources, here’s a link to the campus map, my lab’s located at the North Area. And check out my GoogleEarth file, specifically the area around the “University” marker.

Truth be told, I have to say that everybody I’ve meet so far at campus was really nice and helpful. Sometimes I wish they’d have more confidence in their English abilities, but, well, you can’t change that. (One could argue that I should speak more Japanese instead ^^, and I promise to do my best, but you’d expect English to be understood and spoken worldwide, at least to some extend! However, it just isn’t.) But I can easily imagine working with the people here for the next 4 months. Oh, by the way, there’s this guy from the company Hokuyo, currently working here at the lab, too. If anyone wants to buy a Hokuyo laser scanner, tell me, maybe I can get a discount 🙂 Though I probably shouldn’t advertise too much here, since back home in Osnabrück we’re mainly using SICK scanners, from a rival firm. (Yes, you may add some comments or puns about their name, though I surely heard them all before.)

Near my lab, there’s a regular caffeteria, which I haven’t been to yet, and a second place that features several smaller booths, offering Japanese noodles, Chinese noodles, curry, rice dishes, and so on. So far, the food was quite good, but I’m keen on trying out this caffeteria, comparing it to the one in Kyoto University (which was the best I’ve ever seen!) Not sure whether I can post some photos of the food areas later … might look strange taking pictures there, even to the “photo-phile” Japanese.

(All pictures taken at the campus of Tsukuba University.)



  1. You’ll be fine taking pics at the cafeteria! 🙂 People won’t look at you funny.

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