Burning Bamboo (BBQ)

May 14, 2008

What is it with lab weekend activities, and me getting dirty? Last time, the hiking, which ended in actually having to wash my shoes (as well as the trousers, of course). And this weekend, we had a large barbecue party, with about 30 people. We were supposed to drive to … ah, I forgot, somewhere about 2 hours away by car, but moved the whole thing to a BBQ place in Tsukuba, due to rain. Well, not heavy rain, but enough to make the ground muddy again, which in return resulted in dirty clothes. Go figure!

Anyway, instead of boring you with a blow by blow description, let’s just write some general things about the event; should be enough, together with the photos. Well, my first surprise was that we were mostly using bamboo for the fire, so carrying a roof rack full of that stuff with us, then throwing it forcefully to the ground, hoping it’ll break, then bending & breaking the parts into smaller pieces. Funny thing, that. Second was the amount and variety of food. We had big pots of nabe (a kind of stew, with pork, some “Japanese things” you probably don’t know ^^, and lots of vegetables). Then grilled meat, sausages, different kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, several kinds of fish, super delicious scallops, grilled triangles made of rice (and dipped into soy sauce), … and lots of other stuff. Oh, and of course, there was the obligational beer (which I normally don’t drink, but the Japanese one taste better than German beer), sake, and pop, green tea and black tee from PET bottles. Everything was fantastic.

OK, that’s enough for today. Actually, I have to hurry now, to get some cash before the ATMs close. Yes, you read correctly: They do close, therefore perverting the very idea of an “automatic [teller] mashine”. And this in a country where cash is still widely used – people doesn’t seem to like plastic money here. It’s like having vending machines with working hours. Let’s just hope they don’t have their own trade union… (just kiddin’).


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