Kyoto 3rd

June 14, 2008

Welcome to the 3rd and last entry of my Kyoto trip.

Well, there are lots of stories left to tell, but most of them maybe not important enough to make it into a blog. Enjoying the city itself was not the only thing on my schedule for that past week: All in all, I visited 6 labs, both at Kyoto University and Osaka University, some related to my own research, some out of pure interest; saw several cool applications and robots, and gave two 1-hour-talks myself. Therefore, also the “work related part” of my journey went quite well, but details about this visits would surely bore you.

The pictures don’t need many explanations either, I guess. Again, partly well known places, partly just interesting impressions. I simply can’t get enough of these stone gardens (as you can see especially in the second image). As for the obligational food picture, this one was at a cool small restaurant which is specialized in eel. I went there for the 2nd time, had the exact same lunch as many years ago, and definitely wasn’t disappointed. Actually, take this as my recommendation: If you are at the shopping arcade area, Teramachidori, at the Shijo side, look for this restaurant named きっしょり. It’s easy to miss, so pay attention. Their “osusume” (“recommendation”) lunch is what I took, and as I wrote above, their “osusume” didn’t change for the last 6 years, so it proved to be good. 🙂 And while you’re at Teramachidori, enjoy the whole area of arcade streets with their large variety of shops, including the great Nishiki market with lots of interesting foodstuff to buy. It’s really great, super interesting, and many people miss this side of Kyoto.

Speaking about food, one of the more “funny” experiences during my trip was tofu ice cream: Looks like normal soft ice, but made from tofu, and tastes great (I don’t want to hear comments about tofu having no taste … that’s simply not true! ^^). And you can perform a neat trick with it: Holding it downwards (i.e., rotated by 180°), it won’t fall off. But don’t do this too long, since naturally it will melt after some time – it’s still ice cream.

Well, this ends my little excursus to Kyoto. It was actually pretty hard to chose which photos to post in this blog, since I took so many. I’ll also surely smuggle in some more pictures made in Kyoto into the coming entries, since they are interesting enough not to miss, but also generic enough so that they don’t have to be within a special “Kyoto edition”. As conclusion, I can say that the trip was definitely worth it, without any doubt. And travel-wise, it wasn’t much of an effort either: Recently, the new Tsukuba Express railway (TX) has been installed, which leads you directly to Tokyo. From Tokyo, the Shinkansen takes you all the way to Kyoto in just a little over 2 hours. So it’s just a matter of about 3:40 h (waiting time for the trains included), and you’re there. It would have been a shame to miss this opportunity.


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