June 27, 2008

The term daibutsu denotes a Great Buddha statue, as can be found in Nara and Kamakura, with a height of about 15 and 14 meters, respectively (click the links to see pictures of both).

However, a there is another one in Ushiku, about 1 hour away from Tsukuba, that breaks all records. Literally, since it’s recorded in the Guiness Book: This one has an amazing height of 120 m and is, as such, the world’s largest statue. Granted, in terms of “daibutsu-ness” this one is kind of fake, since it’s not really ancient but was rather completed in 1995, made from concrete and plated with bronze. But this knowledge does not diminish the amazing feeling when standing right in front of it. Check out this impressive size comparison between the Ushiku Daibutsu, the Statue of Liberty, and the Buddha in Nara.

Below, you’ll see some of many photos I made, though I have to admit that most pictures that I took that day are kinda similar: You turn around, speak with someone, turn back, and want to make another picture of the very same view, because you’re impressed with the sight again. As a result, this post includes several picture of the statue – but also some photos from the creation of this giant, a cool aerial picture, and … well, what do you think the 7th pic is about? The sixth one includes a view from inside the statue, looking down (an elevator takes you nearly all the way up, to an observation floor about 85 m off the ground). Then, there was a small but pretty nice garden (as someone said: “average by Japanese standards, meaning really great by international standards”) with some koi carps that go crazy when you feed them. Incense stick were filling the air with a somehow “dark” but comforting fragrance, and from time to time you were able to hear one of the two big bells, wrapping the whole place in a temple-like atmosphere. The only thing missing to complete the picture were some monks chanting the Hanya Shingyo sutra.

Well, as a kind of conclusion: Nara is such a wonderful place, totally worth a visit and perfect for spending some relaxing days, without question. Kamakura is pretty good, too, and does nicely if you’re in Tokyo and don’t have the time to go all the way to Kyoto. In this regard, Ushiku does not have much to offer, Daibutsu or not. However, if you’re near (like, in Tsukuba), you should use this opportunity and go see it. We spent a great time there, and surely won’t forget this grand impression so easily.

Some trivia about the Daibutsu, from the Wikipedia website:

  • Length of Left Hand: 18.0 m
  • Length of Face: 20.0 m
  • Length of Eye: 2.5 m
  • Length of Nose: 1.2m
  • Length of the First Finger: 7.0 m

Don’t tell me that you’re not impressed.

Not my words, yet mine:
“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”



  1. i am so proud to see and visit the place where the tallest Statue in the whole world was found(Ushiku City in Tsukuba Japan)…im there for almost 6 months(Aug.10, 07-Feb.6, 08) and 1 of my memorable experience is to see personally the Daibutsu..im very mucch thankful to God esp. to my Brod in law and my sister because they are givin me the opportunity to witness the amazing creation of the japanese….Nihong honto kerei desu…tanoshi to ichibang kawaii…

  2. Hey Michelle, thanks for the comment. Yeah, the Daibutsu really is impressive, isn’t it. I’m glad that you’re obviously having a good time Japan. Enjoy the rest of your stay!!!

  3. your welcome….

  4. the statue looks really impressive from an arial view

  5. Hi kol,
    yeah, you’re right. I was already astonished by the aerial view displayed inside the statue (see my 5th picture), but the video on your page is even better. Thanks.

  6. that japansugoi link is not working,I found its this one

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