More Food Impressions

August 27, 2008

Since I’ll be leaving Japan at the end of this week :-(, I’m using the last posts for exhibiting some more, rather random impressions from Japan. Today’s topic is food and food only. Just some few comments here on this page, then some further information as captions of the single pictures… Enjoy.

When speaking about Japanese food, the first thing that cames to peoples’ mind is sushi. The very first picture of today’s entry was taken in a very nice restaurant in Tokyo, where we sat at the counter, ordered whatever sushi we wanted to eat, and watched it being made right before our eyes. The “sub-pics” of mackerel and sea urchin are just two examples of the splendid food we ate there. The next pictures show a kaitenzushi place where you can just pic up whatever looks good, then pay by the plates. It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening, sitting there, talking, drinking some green tea, eating whatever grabs your attention. The third type is called Chirashizushi: fish and other stuff placed on top of rice. Delicious!

Leaving the sushi places, but still remaining “in the sea” (thematically speaking), take a look at the 6th picture. Any idea what that is? Well, we ordered a cooked fish head, and quickly dissected it with our chopsticks. I was lucky and got the chance to try a fish eye for the first time in my life – actually, it tasted quite nice. Likewise nice were the tsukubai (in English, whelk, I believe), cooked in a bit of soy sauce, sake and mirin.

The 8th photo is from a really nice restaurant here in Tsukuba (actually, the setting reminds me of some places in Kyoto, and I regard myself lucky to have found such a restaurant in Tsukuba): We chose the “gourmet set” and had a great time eating all of the stuff. It took well more than 1 hour, and I thought the amount of food might last for a few days. ^^

Ever thought of putting noodles into bread (or, a hot dog bun)? Well, Japanese are doing this – check out the 11th picture. It’s a strange thing, but actually not that bad. Still strange, but better tasting is the stuff in the next photo: Tororo, raw yamaimo (a type of yam potato) grated and mixed with some sea weed and a raw egg.

The last row’s pictures are there simply because I like them, esthetically ^^. First, the cooking of fresh edamame (soy beans). Then a dried (thus hard, but really tasty) scallop, and finally a close up of some grapes and pieces of a nashi pear – typical fruits of Japanese summer.


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