Last impressions

August 31, 2008

So, that’s it. At the time when this post appears online, I’ll be up high in the air, squeezed into a small economy class seat, maybe trying to identify the food in front of me.

So, as already said in the last post, here are some few, last impressions from the wonderful time in Japan. Two photos taken at the Rikugien park in Tokyo. A rather interesting view of Fujisan (well, there are more beautiful pictures of “him” out there, with cherry blossoms or maple leafs in the foreground, the mountain mirrored in the lake… settings like that. But I really like this one, too, sticking out of a massive sea of clouds.

Then, there are two shots from festivals – one taken at a Summer festival here at Ninomiya House, the other at the “Tsukuba Festival”. Followed by a rice planting machine – though the view of a person working in a rice field might look typical Asian, and maybe even supply a somewhat romantic feeling, it’s really hard work. Seeing this machine planting the rice with amazing speed was kinda cool, too, though.

The cicadas are pretty large here, and make an enormous loud sound. Often, people complain about the noise. To me, however, this sound is strongly connected to Japan and Japanese summer, and generated a calm and definitely precious atmosphere. Similar to drinking tea – so take this as a transition to the second last picture: Green matcha tea. It’s rare, however, to see it being served cold, so naturally I had to try it. Well, I like the hot version better, but it was rather refreshing. Last, a cup of sweet sake (see the caption for more information).

Well, I’ve said enough words of farewell during the last days, to many good friends that I made in the short time here. I hope you also enjoyed reading this little blog of mine, getting some impressions of Japan (or an outsider’s impression of your country, in some readers’ cases). I’ll continue answering comments to the blog, and if you’re interested in larger versions of the pictures (generally, 3648×2736, 10 MP), feel free to write me. This definitely won’t be the last time for me in this country, so keep your eyes open for other episodes of my Japan journeys.



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